Why Bear&Boar?
First, our brewery is located in the middle of the woods. The place is wild. There is a high chance you will meet one of these two, possibly even in the taproom.

Second, bear has an excellent sense of smell. It helps to craft exquisite flavors that will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced beer sommeliers, for example a Boar. He claims that he is one of the best tasters. This makes Bear and Boar an excellent team.

Third, they are homophones! "Bear" sounds similar to "beer" and "boar" sounds similar to "bar". So Bear&Boar is also Beer&Bar.

Brewing is a technologically complex and creative process. It involves multiple steps of selecting the temperature, pressure, speed of cooling, filtration timing, proportion of hop and combination of molds.

Behind every beer style and flavor there is enormous amount of work, sleepless nights and many experiments. You are welcome to come tour our brewery and we will gladly share our brewing secrets.
Our team loves beer. Why beer? Because beer is tasty and stylish drink. We see brewing as an art. Beer is a social drink and our guests like to get together, relax and taste new beer styles.

Bear&Boar team loves their hometown. We wanted to create a product that our town would be proud of. We would like our town residents to travel the world and proudly tell that the best beer is crafted in their hometown.

Success for us is when our customers tell others about our beer.