Bear & Boar
open brewery
We have been brewing beer for 2 years and we crafted over 10 beer styles. Our beer collection includes classics and innovative beer styles. Some of the favorites include lager, wheat, non-alcoholic and stout. We also crafted some unique beer styles with chili pepper and chocolate, coconut and mango. We have beer for any occasion and any taste. Try our craft beer and discover your favorite style.

We craft our beer based on traditional ancient recipes but we also add new ideas, flavors and touches. This is a creative process that requires time, talent and passion for brewing.

We operate as an open-brewery concept. This means that we always welcome our guests. We have a taproom where you can try freshly brewed beer on tap or get a bottle to go.

Our summer terrace Bear&Boar Garden is open from May till October. We love to spend summer nights with Bear&Boar friends playing games, listening to live music and making BBQ. We have tours and beer tastings and would like to invite you to experience Bear&Boar for yourself.